Why Move/Retire in Bohol-Philippines

Bohol is a province in the Central Visayas Region and is the tenth biggest island in the Philippines. Arranged toward the west and northwest is the island of Cebu with the Bohol Strait isolating the two island territories. It is basically a farming region with a landscape comprising a wilderness and sharp slopes. There are in certainty 75 minor flawless tropical islands encompassing Bohol, loaning it genuinely extraordinary occasion potential for the individuals who look for unwinding and lazing in the sun. For adrenaline junkies and enterprise devotees, the rundown of interests is perpetual. Bohol is, fundamentally, the ideal harmony between open-air experience, submerged interests and extravagant relaxing around. Finish this off with beguiling feasting scenes, wrapped up in that tempting Filipino appeal and you can see precisely why local people have nicknamed their house, ‘God’s little heaven’.


Why go Bohol?


Bohol is known as “God’s Little Paradise”,”Heart of the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS”, and” Jewel of the Philippines”. We can’t deny the way that this island territory is rich in standard resources, culture, and tradition, and verdures and faunas, that made it like a mix of three regions; Aklan for white shorelines, Cebu for rich History, and Palawan for its perfect paradise and Bohol has everything. It is an across the board travel goal finish with shorelines, legacy destinations, characteristic attractions, and advantageous availability and obviously a paradise. It’s the most superb region that is yet knowing. Bohol has all that you wish to discover in a visit. The consistent contemplates, the striking vegetations and faunas, the fine white-sand shorelines, the certain regions or more all else the brain-boggling people. All of what distinctive territories offer is in like manner found here in Bohol. Just watch it for yourself, so come and visit Bohol and I’m sure that you’ll get paralyzed by its astounding features. The principle island-region that is done a package for everyone.




  • Situated in the local business area of Tagbilaran City, the MetroCentre is the place to be whether it’s for business or for delight. Outfitted with comfortable and richly outfitted visitor rooms, the MetroCentre provides a desert garden of solace and unwinding, imbued with a touch of Boholano charm and warm style. The lodging likewise includes extensive capacity rooms and cutting-edge offices for gatherings, meetings, traditions, and full feasts.





  • Kew Hotel situated in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines is the most up to date inn nearby. Flanked with marvelous local roused lightning and inside plan, the lodging entryway gives you the comfortable feel immediately. You can feel this is a lot of a home for visitors than a lodging. Kew Hotel Tagbilaran is strategically placed over the recently revamped Tagbilaran City Hall and only a couple of ventures from Island City Mall.




  • Dao Diamond is claimed and worked by Bohol Dine and Sign, Inc. for the advantage of the hard of hearing kids in the islands of Bohol and Leyte, Philippines. The lodging bolsters the youngsters and gives employment to the Deaf, enabling vacationers to help those in require while getting a charge out of a wonderful setting. At Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant, visitors are welcomed and served by well disposed of, exceedingly mindful staff. Each exertion is made to influence visitors to feel good. To do as such, the lodging gives the best in administrations and comforts.



Linaw Beach Resort & Pearl Restaurant


  • We are a Boutique Beach Resort, arranged straightforwardly on an exceptionally private segment of Alona Beach. Appreciate unimaginable nightfalls while you encounter fine feasting at Linaw’s Pearl Restaurant.







Panda Tea Garden Suites

  • Where visitors are treated to the best. PANDA TEA GARDEN SUITES is the most current economy lodging in Bohol, where suites of the present-day feel are outfitted and decorated. A Gourmet menu created by a universal culinary expert respects our visitors. Likewise, an assortment of Asian and European bread, cakes, and baked goods are accessible together with tea, espresso or chocolate refreshments.








Dream Native Italian Restaurant

  • Dream Native Resort was picked as the name for this exquisite lodging resort out of the want to pass on its local climate in elite and extravagance cottage housing. You can take far. You can give it a chance to happen. You’ll have diverse sort of occasion. Come where only a couple have been and we will deal with you uniquely and when you return you will have such a great amount to tell. Solace, tastefulness, tidiness, administration, and nature of nourishment are our qualities and we work in a specialty market of an extravagance resort where nothing Just Sizzlin’ is a nearby eatery in the core of Bohol with a wide menu offering neighborhood cooking, for the best feasting background for you and your family. The eatery is situated in a place few meters from the bustling avenues of Tagbilaran City. With the shading blends of orange, white and dim, the place is extremely wonderful to the eyes. The eatery likewise played some perky music to set some great vibes to the clients. On the off chance that you are distant from everyone else, with somebody or with a major gathering, the eatery can oblige you.is left to risk.




Just Sizzlin’

  • Just Sizzlin’ is a nearby eatery in the core of Bohol with a wide menu offering neighborhood cooking, for the best feasting background for you and your family. The eatery is situated in a place few meters from the bustling avenues of Tagbilaran City. With the shading blends of orange, white and dim, the place is extremely wonderful to the eyes. The eatery likewise played some perky music to set some great vibes to the clients. On the off chance that you are distant from everyone else, with somebody or with a major gathering, the eatery can oblige you.





Shang Palace Seafood Restaurant

  • Shiang Manou, Bohol’s first credible Chinese Seafood Restaurant presents to you the new Shang Palace. With it’s advanced and exquisite insides, cutting edge kitchen, and a group drove by our Hong Kong style culinary specialist, Shang Palace acquires Chinese feasting the city to another level. Shang Palace likewise offers VIP meeting rooms and a completely prepared occasion lobby for private capacities and gatherings.





Tuko Cafe

  • Tuko Cafe is situated at ground floor of the new Limhong Khu Medical Arts Building next to Ramiro Hospital. This pleasant comfortable place would influence you to unwind for a brief period. The subject of this bistro is a Gecko, which is privately known as Tuko in Bisayan term. The huge yellow tuko impression in their roof truly compliments with the theme. Tuko imitations are additionally being put all around the upper piece of the dividers of the bistro that makes all the more intriguing.






 Kims Garden Inn & Hangover Resto Bar                                                                                                                                                             Atmosphere (MetroCentre Hotel)






Blood Compact Shrine

  • This Sikatuna-Legaspi blood compact is considered as the First Treaty of Friendship between two unique races, religions, societies and civic establishments. It was a bargain of companionship in light of regard and uniformity. This occasion is generally known as “Sandugo”. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived on the shores of Bohol on May 10, 1565. It was the fifth campaign that the King of Spain had sent to the Philippine archipelago after Magellan. Cruising from Navidad, Mexico (the surrogate of the crown of Spain) on November 21, 1564, with Father Andres Urdaneta, he achieved Cebu on February 13, 1565, yet was not ready to arrive. The Cebuanos were antagonistic. So he cruised to the close-by islands of Samar, Leyte, Limasawa, and Camiguin looking for provisions. Eventually, on their approach to Mindanao, the armada met with awful climate and was compelled to look for shelter and tied up at a town southeastern piece of Bohol, which is currently called Jagna. The locals were hostile. They set sail again and look for different towns where the general population are friendlier. In a town of Bool, three kilometers from Tagbilaran, Legazpi moored. He ran aground together with the Muslim translator and a portion of his men and moved toward Sikatuna in a satisfying way that awed the nearby chieftain. With Legazpi’s suggestions, propriety and tact, Sikatuna was sold to his guest’s thoughts and in the long run, moved toward becoming companions. Just like the local custom of that time, the two fixed their fellowship through a blood smaller wherein both draw a few drops of blood from their arms, blended the blood with the wine and similarly drank from the glass. Different history specialists say that the blood-wine blend was isolated similarly between the two and afterward drank up to the last drop. The reduced was fixed on March 16, 1565.




Chocolate Hills                                      Sunset View Dauis Bridge                  Punta Cruz Watch Tower  



  • The Chocolate Hills are presumably Bohol’s most popular vacation destination. They look like goliath mole slopes, or as some say, ladies’ bosoms, and help us to remember the slopes in a little kid’s illustration. A great many people who first observe photos of this scene can scarcely trust that these slopes are not a man-made antiquity.


  • In Sunset View Dauis Bridge, you’ll appreciate the perspective of the dusk in Tagbilaran City as is taking cover behind the island of Panglao while watching the nearby scene of little outrigger watercraft and angling gears along Tagbilaran Strait and local people going by the extension by walking or in broad daylight transportation.


  • The Punta Cruz Watchtower was worked to enable gatekeepers to keep look for moving toward trespassers amid the pre-hispanic time. Worked in 1796, this flawless isosceles triangle watchtower ( the main structure so shaped in the nation) was worked to watch the shoreline of Bohol Strait and the neighboring island of Cebu from conceivable pirates.




  • The Cervera Shoal jump site in Bohol is otherwise called Snake Island or Spaghetti reef because of the immense number of ocean snakes can be spotted which lies specifically south of Panglao with a precarious incline and a 300m wide sandbar. There is likewise a decent float flow drive which rapidly changes, so you need to screen your NDL in the event that you need to jump further and make security stops in free water This site used to have explosive angling yet now the reef is gradually recuperating. The Cervera reef is the second make a plunge blend with Pamilacan island. There is numerous high contrast joined ocean snakes, white-looked at morays and starry morays, brilliant nudibranchs and little reef angles. The seabeds and dividers are additionally housed in corals and can wipe and the best is abounding with ocean urchins, so watch your lightness.




  • The limit of Marcelo and Baybayon, Mabini, Bohol Naasug-Popog Point. The karst mountain and woodland run straddle along the Lungsodaan-Baybayon coastline going eastbound. The give in can be seen while cruising the Lungsodaan Bay with a motorbanca. Barangay Baybayon and the sitios of Naasug and Popog were once in the past piece of Lungsodaan.






  • The Sikatuna Tree Park is a zone created by the neighborhood government unit to elevate nature conservation and to keep the local societies and customs in place. Tree planting, trekking and mountain biking is the fundamental fascination in Sikatuna Tree Park. It is likewise a perfect place for an inland outing, outdoors and for a nature darling who simply ache for outside air and rural open-air space. Rajah Sikatuna National Park is a shockingly vast piece of very nearly 9000 hectares of local molave woodlands, which serves as a tree cultivated for local people. Travelers are in for a regard as the recreation center contains testing climbing trails towards in excess of 100 give in around its various waterways and lake mixes, it likewise wears a few campgrounds for long-staying campers. The recreation center likewise includes extraordinary perspectives for birdwatching, and nature tours. Close by the standard Bohol-flare are natural life jelly for the prominent tarsiers, and the other imperiled creatures, for example, the flying lemurs, the civet felines, different screen reptiles, and a few types of monkeys. The recreation center tries to advance ecological insurance by urging vacationers to contribute in their own particular manner through tree planting. It additionally welcomes the neighborhood foresters to work there rather than wrongfully logging the encompassing territories, guaranteeing that the timberlands close Sikatuna stay untouched for future ages to come.




  • The Kabantian Falls has two levels, the first is remaining around 8 feet and it bears a wide verge that resembles a little form of Tinuy-a Falls in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur in Mindanao. The waterfall is still left in its inborn state, exceptionally characteristic as you can, in any case, observe and recognize the huge shakes and trees that encompass it and it doesn’t appear to have a profound getting bowl where you can swim, yet the water is extremely cool. Going up to the second level was extremely testing since you get the chance to defeat the enormous rocks. We were really amazed the minute we got to the second level since it was limpidly a long way from what it would appear that like from the waterfalls that we have found on the web. The Kabantian falls was really not the waterfall we are aching to see, but rather honestly, it is more shocking than the waterfalls that we have seen on the web. We at that point revealed to Kuya Eric this isn’t the waterfalls that we expected to see, however, we are glad to the point that we could arrive. Every one of the wounds and wounds we have simply to arrive has been paid off. The Kabantian falls resemble a water stairway as it openly drops six times previously achieving the getting bowl. The water additionally spills out of springs in some upland Barangays. A portion of the nearby makes utilization of this by building up their own showering and washing zones.




  • La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church (likewise The Immaculate Concepcion of the Virgin Mary Parish Church), usually known as Baclayon Church, is a Roman Catholic Church in the region of Baclayon, Bohol, the Philippines inside the purview of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran. Baclayon was established by the Jesuit minister Juan de Torres and Gabriel Sanchez in 1596 and turned into the most seasoned Christian settlement in Bohol. It was hoisted as an award in 1717 and the present coral stone church was finished in 1727. The Augustinian Recollects succeeded the Jesuits in 1768 and vigorously redesigned the congregation from that point forward. The congregation was pronounced a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines and a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. At the point when a 7.2 size seismic tremor struck Bohol and different parts of Central Visayas in 2013, the congregation building maintained real harm.




  • Jagna is known as the ” Calamay County” of Bohol and is celebrated around the world for the generation of the finest Calamays in the territory. Calamay, here and there called “kalamay”  is produced using all around processed glutinous rice blended with coconut drain and sugar. It is the mark delicacy and pasalubong from Bohol. One of the island’s most famous pictures, that dark-colored talked shaved coconut shell with a red band. Awesome as a bread spread, calamay is additionally ideal scooped from the shell into your mouth.






  • The Saulog Festival was motivated by the nearby word ‘saulog’, which signifies ‘festivity’. Also, without a doubt, it is a festival of thanksgiving as every one of the 15 barangays of Tagbilaran City joins together and shows a fantastic show of ability that is found in each consummated move, down to each many-sided detail of their brilliant and energetic outfits. The road moving is an unquestionable requirement see. Bright ensembles painted the city as the artists moved tuned in to the drums and trumpet. One’s pulse gradually ascends with each drum beat as one grasps the wonderful culture of the Tagbilaranons. The children moved their hearts out with a wide grin, in spite of the greatness of their ensembles and the sweltering warmth. In any case, the best part of it was encountering it with local people. Their suspicion and apparent love for their benefactor holy person, and also their neighborhood culture, is past anything. They cheer for their barangays with so much energy and unflinching help. The group’s shouts of enjoyment and enthusiasm are infectious to the point that one needs to participate in all the good times.


  • The Sandugo Festival is a yearly authentic festival that happens each year in Tagbilaran City on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. This celebration honors the Treaty of Friendship between Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol, and Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. This sixteenth-century peace settlement happened on March 16, 1565, through a blood smaller or sandugo.





  • Peanut Kisses remains the most loved among the children and the grown-ups alike and could be the best pasalubong to your friends and family at home. Peanut Kisses is made of exceptionally quality peanuts and egg whites. For over four decades, this sweet treat figured out how to discover its approach to national markets and grasps a more extensive skyline of conceivable buyers.






  • Welcome to Mr. Divers Dive Center, your door to an amazing exhibition of rich marine biodiversity and unparalleled plunging knowledge. Just a couple of plunging resorts can offer an extraordinary level of client administration, remoteness, and serenity that is once in a while found even in the Philippines. Settled in charming nature, Mr. Divers Dive Center plans to give you a brilliant occasion you had always wanted a fun plunging and touring excursion while improving your insight into submerged life. With our cordial convenience, fine gourmet eating, the wide exhibit of fun exercises, and uncommon administrations, Mr. Divers Dive Center will enable you and your movement amigos to construct dependable excursion recollections.




  • Jasz Travel and Tours are advancing chosen spots and milestones in areas of Bohol. We offer comprehensive excursion bundles that incorporate, goal flights, individual visit guides, island exchanges and other land and ocean visit bundles with just means vital. Best experiences are simply inside your span. You may get in touch with us and we will take to places you’ve never been. In the event that you are prepared to take off, see you at that point!






  • BQ is the spearheading shopping center in the core of Tagbilaran City. It is a 5 level strip mall with various retail regions, recreation territories and eateries, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut.






  • Escape from the rushing about of regular city living. Escape into a shelter of peace and quietness as you advance into Mithi Spa. Inundate yourself in the captivating hints of peaceful music while our accomplished Spa Attendants spoil you with mitigating treatments and excellence medicines. What’s more, you wake up from this inspiring background, you venture out of feeling revived and invigorated.






  • There are likewise open administrations offer here in Bohol like Church, Airline/Ferry/Tricycle Schedules, Visa, Emergency, and Hospital.


Note: Not all are expressed and appeared here. On the off chance that you need to see different spots and what they offer, simply download the application BEHOLD BOHOL and all the data about Bohol is there. Download the application NOW!


Behold Bohol is a free traveler guide application. It is easy to use and reliable travel information all about Bohol and it’s people. This App is a collaboration, with the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR), Anda Accommodation Association (AAA), the Tourism Office, and the Provincial Government.

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